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Cheaper alternative to Implants and Dental Bridges in replacing missing teeth

Dental implants are today’s preferred choice for replacing missing teeth. They’re the closest restoration to natural teeth—but at a price, especially for multiple teeth. If implants are beyond your current financial ability, and can’t tolerate wearing a bulky partial denture, we can help you with Cheaper alternative to Dentures and Implants in replacing missing teeth, which is a more affordable option. And that is a Snap-on Smile appliance.

In this article we will run through your options including detailed info about Snap-on Smile appliance


Treatment Alternatives for replacing missing teeth


Anytime a tooth is lost you as the patient have 5 options to consider in the site or gap.


Option 1:  Do Nothing


This implies leaving the space without treatment while understanding the implications this may have. First and above all BONE WILL be lost. It will resorb or shrink due to the lack of function and absence of teeth. In addition, teeth are likely to shift and move in unpredictable directions. This will lead to crowding as well as potential bite problems reason for which doing nothing is not recommended.


Option 2:  Fixed Bridge


This was the only available fixed alternative to patients prior to implants. It involves using the teeth adjacent to space as pillars to support the missing teeth.  The result is fixed stable teeth.  The main disadvantage lies in the fact that the dentist must grind down sometimes healthy teeth to support the bridge. This fixed prosthesis is difficult to clean as you cannot floss in between the now attached teeth.


Option 3:  Removable Partial  or Denture


This is a fairly fast and cheap way to solve the problem, however, the main drawback is that the teeth are REMOVABLE.  This means you take them in and out especially at night.  Partials are bulky, uncomfortable, and get loose over time. The other major drawback from removable appliances is that they rest ON TOP of the gums and therefore speed up the resorption and deterioration of the remaining bone.  They are the exact opposite of implants.


Option 4:  Dental Implants


Dental Implants have become the standard of care for tooth replacement because they are the closest thing we can provide patients to natural teeth. Dental Implants help preserve facial structures and prevent bone deterioration that occurs when teeth are lost. Implants are placed inside the bone, therefore, preserving the integrity and contour of the jaws and preventing bone resorption. This also preserves the health of the adjacent teeth and gum tissues allowing the patient to feel and most of all look more natural.


Option 4: Snap on Smile Appliance


Snap-On Smile can be used in lieu of dentures. Like dentures, the Snap-on Smile is removable, but unlike dentures, patients can transform their entire smile while still maintaining their existing teeth because the appliance is simply placed over the originals. Its retention is completely tooth-borne, so the appliance does not impinge on the gum tissue nor cover the palate, making it look and feel very natural. Another advantage of Snap-On Smile — dentures only replace the missing teeth leaving the appearance of the remaining teeth unchanged. Together, the patient and dentist can choose from several shades and shapes with Snap-On Smile, providing an array of choices to further enhance a patient’s smile with this custom-fitted appliance.




Get a make-over for your missing teeth with SNAP-ON SMILE!


Snap-On Smile teeth are a great smile make-over option that is affordable, easy, reversible and painless that can be used as a temporary or a more permanent enhancement. Snap-on Smiles also offer an excellent alternative for missing, crooked, stained or discoloured teeth, teeth with spaces where implants, bridges and other restorative alternatives are not an option.

Snap-on smile is also a comfortable and affordable alternative to patients unhappy with the fit and feel of a removable partial denture.



As Snap-on Smile is retained by tooth, you must have at least a minimum of 6 teeth per arch to be a good candidate for this option.



Enhancing existing smile with Snap-on Smile


Planning an upcoming wedding? Starting a new job? Getting in shape for a school reunion? Dazzle on a big day with a gorgeous new set of pearly whites with Snap-On Smile. In just a few weeks, Snap-On Smile® can give you a million-dollar smile that is far less expensive, less painful and less time consuming than traditional cosmetic dentistry.

Snap-on Smile is manufactured using a proprietary dental resin that is thin, yet strong. The processing starts with taking precise impressions of the upper and lower jaw with instructions to the lab of the desired shade and other characteristics of the desired restoration. A second appointment about three weeks following the impression visit is for seating of the Snap-on Smile.

Snap-on Smiles can be made for upper or lower teeth and have proven to be a life-changing and confidence building alternative to the more expensive and invasive restorative options. Maintenance is simple with some specially formulated cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

Call us to make an appointment for us to assess if you are a good candidate for this option in replacing missing teeth.


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Wedding Smile Makeover for the Budget Savvy Bride

No matter whether you’ve been planning the wedding of your dreams since you were two or two weeks ago, it’s an exciting—albeit stressful—time in your life. From catering to the flowers to the venue, there are a lot of elements of a wedding to coordinate and fund.


Wedding Smile Makeover options for the Budget-Savvy Bride


Your wedding day will probably be the most photographed day of your life, so you’ll want your smile to be picture-perfect for every shot. However, between a budget and all of your other responsibilities, you might not feel like you have the time or money for the smile you want. For the budget-conscious brides, we have ways to improve your smile.

Snap-On Smile is an affordable and life-changing solution for people of all ages. Getting a Snap-On Smile simply requires two, short, painless visits with no drilling, no shots and no change in tooth structure.

The Snap-On Smile was designed for adults who want cosmetic dentistry now, but just don’t have the time or budget to undergo any major treatments. The Snap-On Smile is also affordable smile makeover. While porcelain veneers, Lumineers, or even Invisalign may be your ultimate smile makeover goal, in the meantime the Snap-On Smile will impact your appearance immediately, within your budget.




Snap-on Smile Melbourne



Whether you have restricted budget or when you’re in a rush and need an immediate smile makeover, a Snap-On Smile can have you photo-ready. Whether it’s a wedding, big meeting, first date, or special event, this cosmetic dentistry option efficiently and painlessly transforms your smile. It suits patients who dread the idea of anything expensive dental treatment, don’t like shots or drills, will opt to cover their imperfect teeth with a Snap-On Smile.


Wedding Smile Makeover for the Budget Savvy Bride


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