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Are you bothered by minor cosmetic dental problems like a gap, an oddly shaped tooth, or discoloration? Dental bonding in Melbourne is a cost-effective treatment. It that can be both restorative and cosmetic to address minor cavities, chips, discoloration, and more.


What is Dental Bonding


Dental bonding Melbourne are one of the fastest, most affordable treatments in cosmetic dentistry. A dental bonding can be used to make minor repairs or cosmetic changes to a single tooth or several teeth and can be customized for your needs.

Dental bonding in Melbourne is a simple cosmetic procedure in which composite resin material is bonded to the tooth. During the procedure, a unique tooth-colored composite material is carefully applied to the tooth then sculpted, hardened, and polished to look just like a natural tooth. Because it’s an affordable and simple treatment, dental bonding is an ideal solution for a range of small cosmetic issues like:

  • Correcting chipped or broken teeth
  • Filling gaps between teeth
  • Strengthening enamel
  • Protecting exposed roots
  • Addressing discoloration

See your possibilities by looking at our Dental Bonding Before and After Photos below | Composite Veneers Smile Gallery




Dental bonding in Melbourne is a non-invasive treatment that keeps the natural tooth structure intact. Dental bonding, unlike other cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers or crowns, does not necessitate the removal of considerable amounts of tooth enamel. The procedure is painless and rapid, with instant results.

Dental bonding is a wonderful alternative for those who want to improve the appearance of their smile. If you want to obtain Dental bonding in Melbourne, arrange an appointment with Dr. Castro and our team to go over your options—we want to help you have that perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

See your possibilities by looking at our Dental Bonding Before and After Photos below | Composite Veneers Smile Gallery


Your Bonding Procedure


Dental bonding in Melbourne begins with preparing your tooth for the bonding material. This is done by roughening or etching the surface of the tooth with a gentle phosphoric acid conditioner to help the composite resin bond with the tooth. This is a completely painless process.

Next, the right shade of a putty-like composite material is placed on your tooth then carefully sculpted and shaped to restore or improve your tooth’s shape and size. Once the material is moulded, it will be hardened with a special UV light.

The bonded composite material can be further shaped or trimmed as needed before the last step: polishing and buffing. This gives the dental bonding material a smooth finish like your surrounding teeth.

Your entire Dental bonding in Melbourne will take just 30 to 60 minutes for each tooth and it will be completed in just one office visit.

See your possibilities by looking at our Dental Bonding Before and After Photos below | Composite Veneers Smile Gallery


Dental Bonding vs. Veneers: What’s the Difference?


Veneers and dental bonding are two popular cosmetic treatments that can treat minor dental problems and improve your smile. These treatments are often confused as they share a lot in common. One of the biggest differences when comparing dental bonding vs. veneers is veneers are applied to the entire front surface of your teeth while bonding is applied to a section of a tooth.

Both bonding and veneers can change the size, color, and texture of your teeth, correct gaps, and transform your smile.

As a general rule, bonding is the more affordable treatment but it won’t last as long. While dental bonding can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years, veneers can last for decades. Bonding uses a composite resin bonding material that can be prone to stains and cracks while veneers are usually made from stain-resistant porcelain which can more closely resemble natural teeth. Veneers also offer greater protection because they cover the entire front surface of the teeth — but they require removing more of the protective enamel from your natural teeth.

If you opt for veneers, they will need to be custom-made in a process that takes weeks and at least two or three office visits. Dental bonding offers immediate results and takes just 30 to 60 minutes in one office visit.

If you aren’t sure whether dental bonding or veneers in Melbourne are right for you, please give us a call at Vogue Smiles Melbourne on 9629 7664 to schedule a consultation. We’ll help you better understand the difference between these treatment options and determine which is best to give you the results you are looking for in your budget.

See your possibilities by looking at our Dental Bonding Before and After Photos below | Composite Veneers Smile Gallery


How Much Does Dental Bonding in Melbourne Cost?


Dental bonding in Melbourne is an incredibly affordable procedure, especially when compared to crowns, veneers, and other alternatives. At Vogue Smiles Melbourne, our bonding treatment starts at just $80 up to $700 per tooth depending on cosmetic complexity and the size involved. We also offer consultations and pre-treatment evaluations to help you decide if bonding is the right treatment option for you. During your pre-treatment evaluation, we can prepare a custom treatment plan and give you your individual cost.

Our practice also offers payment plans / financing. We have different third party providers who would be happy to offer their financing services if this is something that would interest you.

To give you an idea, below you will find the TLC repayment chart for the 3 lower price points :


$2000 (36 months) = $25 per week

 $2500 (36 months) = $30 per week

 $3500 (36 months) = $40 per week


See your possibilities by looking at our Dental Bonding Before and After Photos below | Composite Veneers Smile Gallery


Why Choose Vogue Smiles Melbourne?


Vogue Smiles Melbourne is one of the most trusted dentists in Melbourne CBD and surrounding area, serving clients with over 3 decades of experience.

Unlike many dental practices, we take pride in our commitment to honest and affordable pricing. We even offer consultations and free pre-treatment evaluations to give you the quality care you deserve without breaking your budget.

Dr. Castro can rapidly restore your teeth to their optimal beauty with cosmetic dental bonding. Dr Castro is an experienced cosmetic dentist who may employ dental bonding in conjunction with his finely trained aesthetic eye to help you get the perfect smile you’ve always desired. She will make certain that you are completely satisfied with your bonded tooth—you can expect nothing less than perfection from our Melbourne dental clinic.

See your possibilities by looking at our Dental Bonding Before and After Photos below | Composite Veneers Smile Gallery


Do you have questions about Dental Bonding?


We would love to talk to you about all things dental bonding related. Contact us to see if dental bonding is right for you—we’re more than happy to answer any questions or concerns regarding treatments we offer here at our Melbourne Cosmetic Dental clinic.

CALL US NOW ON 9629 7664 or Use the contact form on the to submit any question or quotation, and we’ll happily respond with an answer.

See your possibilities by looking at our Dental Bonding Before and After Photos below | Composite Veneers Smile Gallery



The Power Of A Great Smile


A great smile has magical powers. Studies show that the majority of people today believe that having an attractive smile can have a positive impact on getting the job of your dreams, succeeding at work, finding the perfect mate, and even making new friends.

Never EVER underestimate the power of your smile!

Your smile is your calling card. Whether you’re having social interactions with your family and friends, attending a family wedding, or simply going about your daily activities and interactions, – your smile has an immediate impact on the way people perceive you. And if you’re embarrassed about your teeth – because of missing teeth, aged smiles, worn down teeth, chips, crookedness, colour and among other aesthetic imperfections– people aren’t perceiving the most confident and attractive version of you. Get expert cosmetic dental enhancement and makeover at Vogue Smiles Melbourne.  We are here to help.


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