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1. All information provided in any form by our staff and representatives, or displayed in our advertisements, including (without limitation) references to procedures, results of treatment, timing of treatment and estimates of costs, is non-specific and always subject to a comprehensive oral examination by a dentist, a diagnostic work-up, radiographic examination, and assessment by a medical practitioner or specialist, as may be required, and at an associated cost and timeframe. Treatment possibilities and results will vary from patient to patient
2. We advise that all fees and costs given via email response or over the phone quotations are only estimates and are indicative only, may change, and may vary from patient to patient and factors such as treatment complexity, materials used and time needed to render that treatment. Zenaidy Castro P/L denies any liabilities for any employees error in giving incorrect quotations over the phone or by email. Accurate treatment fees quotations should be given by Dr. Zenaidy Castro after giving you a personal comprehensive exam, recent radiograph and prior case study of your individual circumstances.



Extensive Cosmetic Reconstructive Restorative treatment plans are frequently complex and maybe protracted in duration and may involve complete rehabilitation and reconstruction of a patient’s dentition. Professional fees are determined on a fee per service basis (ie: per crown, implant, filling, etc.). The fee for each service is in turn calculated as a measure of the clinical time, instrument and materials costs involved in the provision of the professional service. Professional fees quoted in a written treatment plan are inclusive unless otherwise stated. Whilst every attempt is made to plan for all possible treatment stages, sometimes unforseen additional treatments become necessary (for example when an old crown is removed, it may only then become obvious that a root canal treatment or a new core build-up is then required for that tooth). In other instances, it may become necessary to alter the treatment plan mid-treatment (for example if a tooth proves to be un-restorable and must be extracted, this may alter the overall treatment plan). In such circumstances, the costs of these procedures must be additional. Occasionally a treatment plan may make reference to approximate professional fees for the provision of services by other dental practitioners or specialists. When other practitioner’s fees are listed, the fees are estimates only to assist the patient in planning for the overall anticipated costs of treatment. Actual fees quoted in a treatment plan letter are for professional services provided by Dr. Zenaidy Castro only. The fees are valid for treatment commenced within three months from the date of the treatment plan letter and are not able to be negotiated.


4. TREATMENT QUOTATIONS for Extensive Cosmetic General dental treatment. Patient can get an initial quotation from the clinic if provides X-rays, dental reports or other sufficient information. On major cosmetic and general works, our practice make an attempt provide a written quotation after an overall status assessment for all our patients. After the status assessment and consultation, the patient will receive a final written quotation, which includes a list of all cost items related to the dental treatment. If the patient accepts the final quotation, the patient has to sign it. One copy stays with the patient, the other with the clinic. Our quotation looks like an invoice, it is a cost calculation. It lists all cost items, quantities, unit prices and sum prices with disclaimer and terms and conditions at the back of the page.

4.1 Quotation for Single dental works are done mostly verbally on an implied consent of the patient, unless the patient requested a written quote. Treatment quotations may incur fees based on your individual needs and the time it will take us to accomplish the written treatment estimate or Quotation.

4.2 We make an effort that the estimate on all dental procedures we have provided be as accurately as possible. Sometimes, presenting conditions encountered when the teeth are actually treated may require a change in treatment plan and fees. Treatment could be more or less extensive than originally determined. If a change occurs, we will informed you immediately and the treatment will not proceed without your approval. In certain unforeseen extensive treatment or cases, you will be referred to a specialist and any associated specialist fees is at your own expense or is not included on our fees that you have been quoted or paid.

4.3 Please take a note on the inclusion and exclusion coverage of any given written treatment fees.

4.4 A quote for dental treatment is valid for 90 days from the date of examination and treatment planning, after which time we reserve the right to revise any fee quoted.


5. ACCEPTANCE OF TREATMENT. When you receive your written treatment plan and make appointments to commence treatment, it will be assumed that you have also followed the link to this document and read and understood the conditions of treatment herein. If you have any questions about your treatment or these terms and conditions of treatment, then we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to discuss your questions. Once you have commenced treatment, you agree to accept all responsibility for ensuring completion of the treatment in a timely manner and attend for your booked appointment.



We do not over book our schedule because we believe that you deserve our undivided attention. Likewise, we feel that if you choose to schedule an appointment to receive care in our office that is a commitment, as well. As a courtesy to you we are happy to provide you with a reminder call. However, we consider your appointment confirmed when it is scheduled. Having said all of this, we know that there will be occasions when your schedule will change abruptly. Please try to give us at least two full business days of notice so that we can make your appointment time available to another person. The larger the block of time you had scheduled, the more time we will need to fill it. If you cancel within 48 hours, we reserve the right to collect a cancellation fee from you prior to scheduling any future treatment.

6.1. Our Practice Normal Business Opening Hours are from 10 AM till 6 PM Monday to Friday.

6.2 Before and After Normal Opening Hours in our Practice are Pre 10 AM and After 6 PM and Weekends Appointments. These appointments are available by appointment only, subject to some terms, Practice and Bookings Availability. Please call our office to enquire of any bookings availability

6.2.1 TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR APPOINTMENTS Before (Early Morning) and After (Late evenings) Normal Opening Hours and Weekends:
For us to accommodate emergency and offer convenience to patients who can’t afford to go to Dental Office during our Normal Opening Hours, we do reserve the right to charge deposit of $100 before giving a booking during those hours, which is payable over the phone with credit cards payments. This deposit of $100 would be non-refundable in cases of non-show up, cancellation or short notice rescheduling of less than 48 hours notice. Our staff will inform you of this strict terms and giving us your pre-payment means that you understand your responsibility of giving us a courtesy of showing up and rescheduling your appointment if so needed with adequate time notice for us and giving us your implied consent to Non-refundable of the deposit. This pre-payment or deposit will be use later on as a credit to your treatment fees. Please note, a $50 (before or after normal opening hours and weekends) Fees is charge on top of your treatment fees.

6.3 Attendance for Appointments. Office hours are by appointment and we do value your time. Our office is a private practice dental office and not a dental “clinic.” Appointment time is reserved for you alone. When you make an appointment please make sure that you keep it.

6.4 Late cancellation or failure to attend appointments. In the event that you have to reschedule an appointment, at least 48 hours notice must be provided or a fee will be charged to cover the cost of the lost clinical time. Appointment times are reserved for the correct length of time and on the right day, just for you and hence cannot be easily reassigned to another person. Whilst we will usually call you 24-48 hours before your appointment as a courtesy reminder, if we do not call you or you do not receive a message from us to remind you, this does not constitute grounds for your non-attendance. Once the time has been made in our appointment system, it is permanently reserved for you unless you notify us otherwise. On occasion, we may experience unforseen delays in receiving back technical work from our dental laboratories and this may necessitate our re-scheduling your appointment. In such an unusual event, we will always endeavour to provide you with as much notice as possible and also reappoint you as soon as possible so as not to delay your overall treatment plan.

6.5 Cancellation Fees In the event of a cancellation by notice by the Patient of a booking at least less than 24 hours prior to a booking, the Patient will be charge of $50 per 30 minutes in scheduled time which is applicable in 1 hour or less appointment time. For longer appointment of continued 2-4 hours or more of our time, there will be $300 per hour, multiply by the number of hours that you have been booked. If our staff is successful in filling in your appointment time with another patient, there will be no broken appointment charge.

6.6 For Long Hours Appointment of more than 2-3 hours or more of our time, such as in Extensive Cosmetic and General Dental treatment, we do reserve the right to get a deposit of $300/hour minimum x the number of hours booked in our appointment book. In the event of a cancellation by short notice by the Patient of a booking at least less than 24 hours prior to a booking, this deposit will be non-refundable

6.7 Emergency Appointment and CANCELLATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED on this website, nor appointment cancellation via email or through our voice messaging system. Cancellation fees, if applicable, will apply. Please call our office to reschedule an appointment.



Acceptance of the written treatment plan indicates your acceptance and agreement to pay all professional fees in full. For some larger treatment plans involving multiple appointments, a deposit payment may be required to reserve this amount of clinic time in our appointment book just for you. If such a deposit is required, it will be indicated in your treatment plan letter. Due to the inherent cost of certain dental laboratory procedures, we don’t provide installment payments, unless prior third party financing have been arranged, any remaining balance of payment to be made in full at the time of initial placement of the final prosthesis. This will be irrespective of any review or adjustment phases planned for a defined follow-up period. A breakdown of progress payments required will be advised to you. A final prosthesis may not be placed if the account outstanding is not paid in full before the cementation or placement of the prosthesis and a fee may be charged if an appointment must be cancelled because of such an occurrence.

7.1 Terms of Payment On all invoices, payment is required as the services are rendered or before initiated unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by us. Unless otherwise agreed in writing or verbally agreed, a deposit of either fifty (50) per cent of the agreed price plus GST or full payment is payable with the signing of a booking or confirmation of a job and as set out. This deposit will be non refundable to the Patient to the extent it is required to meet the Company’s liquidated damages in event of cancellation of a booking or would be charged a $300 per hour in the event the booking made is more than 2-4 hours of the practice appointment time

7.2 Accepted methods of payments are Cash, Bank checks, Credits cards, EFTPOS or Electronic Bank Transfer payment. All EFT or third party eg Patient Financing payment, treatment is initiated once the payment amount had been credited to our accounts
Payments via Bartercard, BBX and Platinum, please call the office if we are currently trading.

7.3 Health Insurance Cover and Rebates If you have private health insurance with dental cover, you may be eligible for a rebate from your insurer on the cost of your dental treatment. Please note that rebate amounts are determined by your insurer and may have little relevance or correlation to the actual professional fees incurred. The association between you and your health insurer is yours alone and whilst our staff may attempt to help with processing of your health insurance claims, we have no association with any health insurer. Your policy with any outside insurer and its terms and conditions, and the level of rebate you receive is a matter between you and your insurer. Failure of your insurer to provide you with any anticipated or actual rebate is a matter between you and your insurer and does not constitute grounds for failure to pay your account with US. Patients with dental insurance, once the insurance payment is received, will be immediately responsible for what is not covered
7.4 Tax Deductible Treatment If the total fees for your dental treatment for a given financial year exceeds a minimum threshold amount (presently $1500), you may be able to claim a rebate on your income tax return for a percentage of that amount, less any rebate from a health insurer. Please consult your accountant on the update information on this issues. This form does not constitute tax advice and you are advised to consult with your accountant or financial advisor to determine the availability of such a rebate in your particular instance.

7.5 Default of Payment If the Patient defaults in any payment or becomes subject to an Insolvency Event then all moneys owing by the Patient to the Zenaidy Castro P/L shall notwithstanding that any prior agreed time for payment has not elapsed, become due and payable immediately and the Company may at its option withhold the provision of further services or cancel any Sales Contract with the Patient for the supply of Goods or Services without prejudice to the Company’s rights hereunder.

7.6 The office reserves the right to send the account to an Solicitor for collection. In the event that the account is send to debt collector or Solicitor Patient or person in charge of the account will be responsible for all cost and fees incurred

7.7 The Company reserves the right to charge interest on overdue amounts owing to it without prior notice to the Patient at a rate of two (2) per centum (%) per annum per calendar month above that as set out from time to time under the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983 (Vic) or at such other rate as may be fixed from time to time by the Company, such interest to be computed from the date a payment becomes overdue until payment of such monies is received in full. The Company reserves the right to withhold at any time the provision of Services and/or Goods to the Patient in the event the Patient fails to comply with the Company’s terms of payment or for any other reason.

7.8 Any and all deposits paid to the Company by the Patient that are still in the possession of the Company on the date of receipt by the Company of notice of cancellation from the Patient shall be returned to the Patient, less the applicable cancellation fees and charges for the Company and any third party suppliers.

7.9 Lien In addition to any lien to which the Company may by statute or otherwise be entitled, the Company shall, in the event of the Patient failing to pay any outstanding account by the Patient to the Company or the Patient entering into any scheme or arrangement with its creditors or going into receivership or liquidation (save for the purpose of reconstruction), be entitled to a general lien on all property of goods belonging to the Patient in the Company’s possession (although such Goods or some of them have been paid for) for the unpaid price of any other Services and/or Goods sold and delivered to the Patient under this or any other contract.

7.10 The Patient represents and warrants that any credit information supplied to the Company for the purchase of Goods or Services by way of a credit card is true and correct, and any charges incurred by the Company will be honoured by the Patient’s credit card company, and further that you will pay any charges incurred by the Patient at the posted prices, including any applicable taxes.

7.11 Waiver Failure by the Company to insist upon strict performance of any term or condition herein shall not be deemed a waiver thereof or of any rights the Company may have and shall not be deemed a waiver of any subsequent breach of any term or condition.

7.12 Indemnity The Patient must indemnify and hold the Company harmless against any loss, damage or expense it may suffer or incur, or any claim which may be made against it by any person, as a direct or indirect result of any default by the Patient in fully and promptly complying with all its obligations under this Supply Contract.
The Company may rely on this indemnity as soon as the Patient defaults or any claim is made, and may pursue its rights against the Patient before, while, or after doing relying on this indemnity, or not relying on this indemnity at all.

7.13 Disputes Any dispute or difference whatsoever arising in connection with this agreement shall be submitted to mediation in accordance with and subject to the Law Institute of Victoria’s Code of Practice for Mediation.

7.14 We do not give any refund for any treatment that have been rendered and completed. Letting us do the work is your consent and acceptance of the treatment plan indicated and you are expected to pay all professional fees in full.



When you gave us your consent to do the treatment for you and paid us for our service, we are now both legally bound to contractual statutory rights and obligations as set by ACCC – The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

We will provide and complete all of the treatments or services you have paid for. We will give you all the chances and opportunities to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the work including getting your consent to finalize with  completion or cementation of your treatment. Once you have signed and given us your approval to cement your case, we have fulfilled our obligation. There will be no kind of refund after cementation, only resolution or remedy subject to our 3 years limited warranty policy.



  • Change of mind
  • Decided that you no longer want the treatment continued for whatever reasons
  • Found it cheaper elsewhere
  • We already started, rendered and completed the treatment. Any issues after the treatment is completed, resolution or remedy will be offered.


  • We can’t legally fulfill our contractual obligation of providing or finishing your paid treatment.
  • We can’t provide a remedy or resolution to an issue


In cases where we are unable to complete your treatment or on special situation that you can’t get the treatment completed, following refund policy will apply:

  • A refund will be given amounting to the extent of work that still needs to be completed. Any Porcelain works such as veneers, crown and bridges involves 2 major stages. One is preparation and second is Cementation. This stages comprises 60-40% of our charges. For example, if we have done the first visit or prepping, scanning and temp procedure, this comprises of 60% of work. If you decided not to get your work completed, you will be charged with 60% of our charges and be refunded with 40% minus other miscellaneous fees as set out below.
  • IF we are unable to continue the treatment for whatever reasons, you will be charged with 60% fees plus lab fees of whatever amount you have paid with us plus any other treatment that was already completed, including FREE treatment.
  • If the full payment was paid through dental financing, you will also be charged with the full merchant fee that we have incurred in getting your treatment financed.




8.1. The photograph shown and used on this website or any printed advertising material are actual patients and cases of Dr. Zenaidy Castro. We use our own “before and after” pictures to demonstrate the results of our services. We do not suggest that identical (or equivalent) results can be obtained for all patients as every patient is different and such results cannot be indicated, promised or guaranteed. COSMETIC RESULTS MAY VARY FROM PATIENTS TO PATIENTS.

8.2 All Photographs shown from Before and After Picture pages on our website are our actual patients. Consent was obtained and they all signed a release agreement form. Subject to Privacy Law safeguard, person/s appearing in the photographs are not able and be willing to be contacted.

8.3 We do not give indication, promises or guarantees to all our readers or website visitors that they could reasonably expect for themselves identical (or equivalent) results to those portrayed in the “Before and After” photographs. Cosmetic results may and can vary from one patients to another.




9.1 Please read carefully all the terms and conditions and all limitations that we have set out for any of our Special offer, may it be an Internet, Media Advertisement and Marketing Promotional Offer or outdoor advertising, Special Discounts or Gifts.

9.2 Other Promotional Activity including electronic, print, media advertising, information brochures, direct mail, other internet promotions in other websites and outdoor promotions asked consumer to See Main website for more details, terms and conditions that we have set out for that offer

9.3 Please call our office on 1-300-66-99-07 or 9629-7664 to check and confirm the availability or amendments on any of our Internet or Practice Advertisement offer that we provide.

9.4 We do reserve the right to stop, modify or to cancel any offer at any time without giving prior notice.

9.5 We do reserve the right to give those promotional Special offer at our own Discretion at any time or circumstances.



10.1 Zenaidy Castro P/L or its agents, directors, employees or any other related party denies any liability regarding in reliance on the information contained in this site and any liability to anyone whatsoever for any decision made or action taken, or any treatment undertaken in reliance on the information contained in this Site or for any consequential, special or similar damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damage that we can absolutely do all treatment possibilities to every patient in every cosmetic and general treatment. Please call our office and book for a consultation for us to assess your individual cases and of its suitability to certain treatment and if it’s within our expertise or skills
All patients are different and their dental problems may it be cosmetic situation are therefore also different and if you have any cosmetic or general dental problem issues, or query we strongly recommend that you speak and see us. You should not place any reliance on any advice, before and after photograph posted or information placed on this Website that we can do the same treatment to every patient. We are committed to give satisfaction to all our patients, and it is our intention to provide our very best clinical skills and judgement, but we can not absolutely guarantee that you would have the same satisfaction as our former patients does.
If your individual cosmetic or general dental case is we believe is complex and beyond our skills and expertise, we may reserve the right to refuse to offer you any treatment, but will do our best to give you referral to practioner who can.

10.2. That all dental procedures contain certain risks, side effects to the teeth and jaws and can also affect the general health or lifestyle. Furthermore, procedural complications may arise that may vary the course of treatment. That all dental procedures and materials have their own inherent advantages and disadvantages. There is no such material or treatment that is perfect in all circumstances and suitable for every patient.
Any type of restoration, may Cosmetic,Restorative,and Prosthodontic is irreversible and may trigger a reaction of the pulp of the tooth, which may lead to additional procedures, such as ‘Root Canal Therapy’ at additional costs. Impeccable oral hygiene practices are required and special care as directed by the dentist, including in some cases wearing a protective Night-Guard to maintained or prolonged the lifespan of the restoration, especially in patients who grind their teeth. Gum recession may occur at a gradual and an unpredictable rate and may lead to changes in the appearance of the treated teeth and gums. Future maintenance treatment may include repair, relining, or re-fabrication and may attract an additional cost. All dental treatment have an estimated life expectancy, after which replacement or repair may be required , which may lead to additional procedures at additional costs.

Highly aesthetic dentistry requires careful analysis, planning and working closely with a master ceramist who has a great deal of skill and artistic ability. Since it is often difficult to predict the true cosmetic complexity from an initial dental examination, preliminary and supplementary laboratory procedures may be required. In very complex cases a laboratory supplement may apply. It should be noted that one or more visits to the laboratory may be required. And in some cases treatment plan and time can be protracted or delayed as initially given.

10.3 While dental restorations function well for years of service, Nothing last forever. Not us, not dental restoration. As with everything, they are also subjected to wear and tear process. It would be unrealistic to expect a lifetime expectancy of any given treatment. We are committed to provide you a lifetime of dental health and be happy with your cosmetic investment but we won’t be held liable for any damages done for non-compliance in your part to do the recommended post operative proper maintenance.

10.4. We offer 3 year limited warranty. Please read carefully what Terms, Conditions and limitations are set out on that Warranty. See details on 3 years Limited warranty page or below

10.5 . We advise that the procedures described herewith may not be suitable for all patients and the results may vary from patient to patient.

10.6 . Any references to the impact of cosmetic on the life or beauty of a patient or their oral function are opinions or extracts of specific patients’ (or their partner’s) post-operative testimonials. These references should not be considered literally or as being accurate representations or predictions of your own, your partners, or other patients’ opinions following similar treatment.

10.7 Cosmetic Dentistry are not recognized specialties and any references to an ‘Cosmetic Dentist’ refers to practitioners who are registered as general dentists with a special interest in Cosmetic Dentistry. Such terms should be regarded as descriptive of the type of service provided and not to a specialty in the field.

10.8 For information on Treatment Risk, Advantages and Disadvantages, likely outcome, and Alternative options, see this link: Education/index.htm or



Respecting your privacy and the law

This Privacy Policy outlines how we uses and manages your health and personal information. We are bound by the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and applicable state legislation. We review and update this Privacy Policy on a regular basis.

In order to provide you with the highest standard of dental care, this practice is required to collect personal information from you. This information covers basic personal details such as your name, address and telephone number, as well as more personal information such as your medical history. Without this general health picture, your treating dentist or dental hygienist is unable to plan your care properly.

We values the need to safeguard this information and, in accordance with the principles laid down in privacy legislation and the guidelines by the Australian Dental Association, we would like to assure you that:

This information will only be used by our treating dentists and dental professionals in order to deliver your care to the highest standards.

  • It will never be disclosed to those not associated with your treatment, without your express consent.
  • You may seek access to the information held about you by signing a release form.
  • We will take reasonable steps to ensure at all times that the details we keep about you are accurate, complete and up-to-date.
  • We will take reasonable steps to protect this information from misuse or loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.
  • Our staff are trained to respect these principles at all times.
  • If you have any questions regarding the information we collect from you and hold in your dental records, please do not hesitate to ask us. We are intending to act in your interests at all times and we take your privacy very seriously.


What information we collect

  • The kind of personal information we collect can include your name, contact details, location, gender, and age. We also collect more personal information such as medical history and general health information.
  • Radiographs and images, comprehensive dental charting are stored in your personal records on our network in a digital format. X-rays taken on film are stored on site.
  • It is our aim to only collect health information directly from our patients or their authorised representatives. The practice may collect health information from a third party or a publicly available source, but only if the patient consents to such collection or would reasonably expect us to collect their health information from the third party, or if collection is necessary to provide the patient with appropriate health care.
  • As an employer, the practice also collects personal information related to employment and human resource management.



  • We collect information directly from you, including when you:
  • Provide us with personal information over the phone or through email;
  • Fill out Contact and Medical History Forms at our practice;
  • Discuss your medical history with the dentist or dental hygienist; or
  • Information we collect via our website:
  • We collect electronic information directly from you, including when you:
  • Submit your personal details through our website.



  • We collect and use your information to:
  • Deliver, provide, administer, improve and personalise our products and services;
  • Process payments;
  • Better understand our clients’ requirements and preferences, to personalise and improve our service to you;
  • Communicate with you, including appointment reminders, unfinished dental care reminder calls and responding to your queries and complaints;
  • Provide more relevant marketing offers through direct marketing;
  • Protect against fraud and theft; and
  • Maintain and update our treatment records.



  • We do not disclose personal information to third parties unless we are permitted to do so by law or you have given us your consent to do so.
  • Third parties we may disclose personal information to include:
  • Laboratory staff for ceramic work, gold alloy work, mouth guards, occlusal splints, Invisalign, dentures, retainers, appliances, models, whitening trays and orthodontic study models where necessary for agreed dental treatment;
  • Payment system operators and financial institutions; and
  • Government agencies (Medicare and DVA), where applicable
  • Health fund providers that you have engaged and notified our practice of to submit claims electronically to via Hicaps
  • Referrals and reports that are identifying to other medical and dental specialists for treatment, if required and agreed upon by you, along with relevant radiographic images and photos of your teeth/gums as required
  • Referrals to x-ray providers with forms issued to you, and presented with your identifying details to x-ray services, when agreed upon by you
  • We will request your permission to use before and after photos on our website of cosmetic dental work, and require your verbal consent with photos expressly of teeth and lips, not identifying your entire face. Identifying facial images showing cases on the website are patients who have been happy and consented to have photos displayed..
  • Discussions with medical and dental specialist/s where required and agreed upon for your complex treatment care needs.