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Uncovering the Idea of Smile Makeovers


A smile makeover in Melbourne is a complete, personalised treatment plan that includes one or more cosmetic dentistry operations to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

People choose smile makeovers for a variety of reasons, from correcting crooked teeth to transforming their existing Smile into their dream smile.

Teeth whitening for a bright smile, dental veneers to restore chipped teeth, gum contouring for a gummy smile, and orthodontic treatment for crooked teeth can all be part of the smile makeover journey.

Each Smile makeover choice is personalised to the patient’s specific demands, resulting in a smile makeover that is as unique as the patient.

View our Gallery of Before and After Smile Makeovers in Melbourne below


The Life-Changing Power of Smile Makeovers


Starting smile makeover journey in Melbourne can result in revolutionary improvements not only in your smile 

but also in other aspects of your life. Here are some of the most important advantages of smile makeovers:

  • Confidence: great Smile can significantly boost your confidence.
  • gorgeous Smile may make lasting impression at social gathering or professional meeting.
  • Improved Oral Health: Smile makeovers frequently include dental procedures that improve the aesthetics of your smile while also promoting oral health. For example, replacing missing teeth with artificial teeth can lower the risk of oral health problems such as gum disease.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Smile makeover treatments such as porcelain veneers or teeth whitening can help you attain white smile, which can improve the overall appearance of your face.
  • Improved Functionality:  Dental restorations or orthodontic treatment can improve oral function, making daily tasks such as eating healthful foods more comfortable.
  • Remember that the advantages of Smile makeovers go beyond these aspects. They can improve your mental health, self-esteem, and general quality of life.

View our Gallery of Before and After Smile Makeovers in Melbourne below


Smile Makeover Options: Tailored to Your Specific Requirements


Understanding the various smile makeover in Melbourne alternatives available is the first step towards achieving a dazzling, magazine-worthy smile. Each treatment plan is tailored to your specific needs, taking into account your face characteristics, skin tone, and dental defects.

Find out here the different Smile Makeover Procedures and treatment in Melbourne

View our Gallery of Before and After Smile Makeovers in Melbourne below



This is How it Works


You’ll come to the practise and talk with our skilled cosmetic dentist about why you’re unhappy with your smile and what you want to achieve. As needed, we will take images and x-rays.
They will go over the many alternatives for achieving the desired results, as well as show you what to expect from various treatment methods. We will offer you with a full treatment plan once you have agreed on your treatment. In some circumstances, treatment can be started right away.

View our Gallery of Before and After Smile Makeovers in Melbourne below


How Much Does a Smile Makeovers Cost in Melbourne?


The cost of our Smile Makeover treatment in Melbourne is determined on the procedures you require. Porcelain veneers begin from $700 per tooth, cosmetic bonding begin from $350, teeth whitening begin from $300, Snap on Smile begin from $1500, Transitional Smile Makeover begin from $500.

Book your consultation with Vogue Smiles Melbourne today to learn more about our Smile Makeover in Melbourne procedure and for a more definitive quotation and see if you are good candidate.

Find out more about Smile Makeover Cost in Melbourne

View our Gallery of Before and After Smile Makeovers in Melbourne below


Why Choose Vogue Smiles Melbourne for your Cosmetic Smile Makeovers?


Vogue Smiles Melbourne understands that each face is unique and that each patient has different goals.

That is why individualised planning is central to our philosophy: we collaborate with our patients to help them achieve their objectives.

We collaborate with our patients to deliver excellent outcomes, whether you want to target specific areas for improvement or desire full face transformation.

We constantly aim for the greatest standards of clinical quality and take pride in delivering consistent, natural-looking results.

Your patient experience is also important. That is why our clinic combines cutting-edge technology with a pleasant atmosphere in which you may feel at ease.

We are highly skilled, experienced, and trained in cutting-edge methods. We ‘ve successfully completed countless aesthetic procedures and smile makeovers we’re committed to providing the best patient care and safety possible.

View our Gallery of Before and After Smile Makeovers in Melbourne below


Final Thoughts


Choosing to undergo a smile makeover in Melbourne might be a life-changing decision. The advantages of smile makeovers are numerous, ranging from increased confidence to improved oral health.

We’re here to help you reach your dream smile, whether you’re dealing with simple cosmetic issues like discoloured natural teeth or more difficult procedures like a mix of teeth whitening and veneer treatments. So, why delay? Begin your smile makeover in Melbourne adventure today and discover how amazing and life-changing smile makeovers can be.

Call Vogue Smiles Melbourne team on 9629 7664 to schedule a Free consultation, examination or quotation. We look forward to helping you reveal your stunning smile.

View our Gallery of Before and After Smile Makeovers in Melbourne below



The Power Of A Great Smile


A great smile has magical powers. Studies show that the majority of people today believe that having an attractive smile can have a positive impact on getting the job of your dreams, succeeding at work, finding the perfect mate, and even making new friends.

Never EVER underestimate the power of your smile!

Your smile is your calling card. Whether you’re having social interactions with your family and friends, attending a family wedding, or simply going about your daily activities and interactions, – your smile has an immediate impact on the way people perceive you. And if you’re embarrassed about your teeth – because of missing teeth, aged smiles, worn down teeth, chips, crookedness, colour and among other aesthetic imperfections– people aren’t perceiving the most confident and attractive version of you. Get expert cosmetic dental enhancement and makeover at Vogue Smiles Melbourne.  We are here to help.

View our Gallery of Before and After Smile Makeovers in Melbourne below

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