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Free Mini-Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation Melbourne CBD



Take note, This FREE MINI COSMETIC CONSULTATION will take from 10-15 minutes and are complimentary of our service but a $50 deposit is required to secure the booking and can be put towards treatment should you decided to go ahead with the treatment. If not, this fee will become a reservation fee for the time reserved for you.

Terms and Conditions:

1.Involves a preliminary 10-15 minutes Cosmetic Consult and Exam. If consult exceeded more than 15 minutes, there will be a charge of $50 per block of 15 minutes.

This FREE MINI consultation is not a comprehensive oral examination. This is only to address your main cosmetic concern. We will give you a quick run through of your options and cost estimate. Once you have decided and committed to have the Cosmetic work done in our office, we may schedule you on another appointment to discuss all the detail about your treatment options, fees etc. Depending on how complex is your case, it may take from 30 minutes to 1 hour, which we charge from $150. This fee will be used as a credit for the fee once you go ahead with the treatment.

For all extensive Cosmetic and major dental works, you will be given a written quote on our office proforma template. If you require formal and extensive written documentations for insurance or some other purposes, there will be a charge of $300

2. We need a current radiograph no older than 6 months old. If you don’t have a recent radiograph, please let us know so we can email you the referral form.

3. This offer is only valid for cosmetic and smile makeover treatment, full mouth reconstruction work, Crowns & bridgework, dental bonding, Snap on Smile, Teeth whitening, invisalign and extensive general dental works.

4. To be eligible, please ensure that you mention this offer when arranging your appointment or if you book online


IF YOU WANT TO GET A COST ESTIMATE ENQUIRY, please submit with the form the following:

-Photograph of full face,  a close -up photos of your smile with and without your teeth biting together and a close-up photo with you smiling broadly to show as many teeth as possible.

-A current radiograph which is not older than 6 months old would help us assess all your cosmetic and dental concerns.

-Tell us the all the details as requested on the form.

-Mention on the form that this is only for a cost estimate enquiry



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