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Welcome to General and Cosmetic Dentistry by Vogue Smiles Melbourne!

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You deserve the best dental care possible, which is exactly what you will receive from Dr. Zenaidy Castro and our professional team at Vogue Smiles Melbourne,  a leading dental clinic in Melbourne and Surrounding suburbs. 


At our General and Cosmetic Dental practice, your oral health is our main focus. You receive compassionate and caring treatment while you achieve the best oral health available. Our entire staff is committed to providing you with a friendly, comfortable environment that makes you feel welcome and makes a visit to the dentist a pleasant experience. 

We will work with you to ensure that your treatment plan is affordable. You’ll have access to a choice of finance options, such as monthly payments, to work around your other financial commitments. You can finally get the smile of your dreams at a price you can afford.


At the Dental Practice in Melbourne, we offer a full range of treatments as general, preventative, restorative and aesthetic dentistry. Our practice has a special interest in minimally invasive, adhesive dentistry as well as Smile Makeover and Cosmetic Dentistry. We have over 3 decades of experience you can count on for your smile.

Please feel free to contact us at 9629 -7664 any time to discuss your needs and obtain further information about our services.

Advanced Dentistry for your Best Smile

We are pleased to provide the best general and cosmetic dentistry services in Melbourne inside our contemporary, laid-back, and welcoming environment. Our patients’ demands and our ability to listen to them are the foundation of our success and growth over more than 3 decades. For this reason, personal recommendations account for the majority of our new patients.

At our General and Cosmetic Dentistry practice in Melbourne, we are able to provide a wide range of dental treatments under one roof. From General dental treatment to advance Cosmetic dentistry and Full mouth Smile Makeover and reconstructive works, we have the gentle hands and experience to look after your best smile.

So if you are looking for a family friendly and caring dentist who is also a passionate with cosmetic dentistry in Melbourne, then please feel free to give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you. 


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General Dentist Melbourne CBD, Top leading Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne CBD
Why Choose Us


We are aware that you have options when choosing a dentist. Our top priority is providing patients with gentle, comprehensive, and personalised care. Using cutting-edge technology, we constantly aim to deliver top-notch dental treatments, ranging from general dentistry to specialised cosmetic and full mouth reconstruction and smile rehabilitation care.

Giving our patients information to enable them to make better decisions about their dental health requirements is a part of our dedication to assisting them.  We hope you will find this website to be a helpful and fascinating resource.

Dr. Castro is proud to provide an environment where our patients feel cared for and safe, with service you can trust to be in your best interest. Our drive and passion for dentistry is only eclipsed by our devotion to your care. Your smile is what brings us joy.

The General and Cosmetic Dentist Behind the Amazing Smile Transformations in Melbourne



Dr. Zenaidy Castro found her passion of dentistry through her experience with creative activities such as painting and photography. As a lifelong painter and photographer, Dr. Castro is a passionate General and Cosmetic dentist in Melbourne who cares about creativity, perception, and working with her hands to create something beautiful. Naturally, she found that dentistry allowed her to use these skills in an impactful and fulfilling way. While her training of dentistry, Dr. Castro separates herself through her artist’s eye for detail, intuition, and finesse.


As an artist and dentist, Dr. Castro understands the importance of a keen eye and attention to details. With 3 decades of experience so far, Dr. Castro definitely knows her way around a tooth. What matters most to her, though, is the person behind the smile. She’s helped countless patients gain new leases on life through stunning dental transformations that go the extra mile.

General Dentist Melbourne CBD, Top leading Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne CBD

Have you always wished to improve
the appearance of your smile?

Dr. Castro is here to make all of your smile dreams come true. If you are looking to change your smile to match your favourite celebrity or even make it brighter and straighter, Vogue Smiles Melbourne is the right place for you. We offer you the option of the Smile Makeover procedure, which is an all-in-one treatment that addresses all the issues with your smile. This procedure will involve carrying out multiple treatments like dental veneers, teeth whitening, composite bonding, and more, to improve any flaws in your smile.

If you are suffering from damaged, stained, misaligned, or gapped teeth, you no longer have to worry. Our Smile Makeover package will resolve all of these problems in the best way possible. Be certain you’re getting the most amazing results you can imagine. If a Smile Makeover procedure seems like the right choice for you, come to our clinic or book an appointment with us to receive a consultation with the best dentist in Melbourne, Dr. Castro. With our Smile Makeover package, you will be ready to face the world with a bright, radiant, and confident smile.

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We want to establish enduring relationships with our patients. This goal directs our actions at every turn, from the moment you enter our office  to long after your procedure is complete.

I always have dental-phobia, I remember when I was 6 years old, My mum would regularly visit our local dental clinic and get her and my teeth checked, I can tell you since then all the way to my teenage years, my past experiences did not go well with those dentist.
I have been to a few dentist in the past but none of them can EVER compare to Dr. Castro. She is very informative of the options she has to offer, very honest and reliable. They are affordable and if you can't afford it they give you payment options. I don't know any dentist that is passionate about their work as much as her and they make you feel like a celebrity with their very own photoshoot. Through out the procedure she makes sure you are not in pain and frequently asks if you are okay. And how can I forget Bobby, he is one of the coolest person to talk to while you wait, he is also informative, keeps you up to date and honestly one of the sweetest person around, he will keep you laughing and after the procedure he will give you the confidence boost you need to go out there and be the person you were holding back inside. I lost my tooth and confidence when I was 18 from blacking out and ever since then I haven't been able to smile or talk but today thanks to Dr Castro and her staff I became an entirely new person. I'm definitely going to visit again and would recommend my family and friends and so should you 😀
Helen (my wife to be) has started her treatment with Dr.Castro & her team. For the first time EVER today Helen was able to walk freely into a dentist office without major fear & streaming tears. The whole team at Vogue Smiles Melbourne go to extremes to insure Helen feels safe & comfortable during the whole process. I wish there were enough words to express my thanks to Dr.Castro and her team. I now know why Dr.Castro has won dentist of the year so many times not only is she GREAT at her job but she is patient, caring, compassionate & most importantly understanding about dental fears and phobia's. Again thank you so so very much not only from Helen & I but from all our kids as well, the kids are excited that their mum is finally putting herself first and achieving her dream of a beautiful smile. I would and have recommend Dr.Castro to anyone who will listen.
Most people have a fear of dentists but when you have a PHOBIA of dentists it can effect your whole life in ways most people don't understand. My personal experience with dentists started when I was 12 & witnessed my younger brother being injured by a dentist to the point he had to have 7 stitches across his face, as you can imagine I NEVER wanted to sit in a dentist chair in fear that it could happen to me. Due to a small bus accident I suffered mouth/teeth injuries but I could not make myself face a dentist, even the thought of me sitting in a dentist chair brought me to tears & had me shaking uncontrollably to the point my GP prescribed Valium, but not even Valium could get me inside a dental surgery. I felt like I was ready to face my phobia & hopefully change my life. I did some research & came across Vogue Smiles Melbourne & Dr Castro's website. They seemed to understand that a 'fear' & 'phobia' were different so I fired off a email explaining my situation. Within hours the team at Vogue Smiles Melbourne had contacted me & proved that their website was not just a bunch of pictures & words, they were honest, caring & most importantly understanding of my phobia.
I've visited Dr. Castro, and I'm very pleasantly surprised! Vogue Smiles is a small but extremely personable dental practice! The staff was very accommodating and genuinely interested in what exactly I was looking for as far as treatment options. Their dental office makes sure that you are the only one being taken care of and not in a dental assembly process. I love the fish tank in the office! I have one at home, and this large tank in the office just makes it more inviting and relaxing!
I am so happy I chose to go to Dr. Castro after such a long time of not seeing a dentist. She is a really great cosmetic dentist and is a good woman with a great personality. She really takes pride in her work and in ensuring you have a beautiful smile. She is fastidious and make sure that the cosmetic result would be exceptional. And I'm very grateful I've choosen her to give me new smile with Porcelain Veneer. Took several appointments till she was happy with the result from her lab but at the end it is all worth it. My friends and I love my new smile. Costwise I would say it is not cheap cosmetic work in town, but the result is amazing and worth of every penny of an investment, something that I would treasure for years to come. Thank you again for giving me a beautiful smile!
Dr Castro is THE master of cosmetic dentistry. I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. My teeth were a challenge but not to her. I now have a lovely, bright natural smile for the first time in my life. It's taken years of my face and given me a great confidence boost that will transform my life. I won't be holding back from smiling anymore. This is the best investment i ever made!

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