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Tooth Wear Treatment

Tooth Wear Treatment Melbourne CBD

Traditionally, tooth decay and gum disease have been the main threats to teeth, but perfect teeth are increasingly wearing down or dissolving away.

The irreversible loss of tooth surface is referred to as tooth wear. The resulting structural loss can have an adverse effect on appearance, function, and sensitivity. The damage can also become expensive and difficult to repair.
Abrasion, attrition, and erosion are the three main types of tooth wear.

Because different types of tooth wear frequently coexist, determining the type of tooth wear present can be difficult at times.


Tooth Wear Treatment Melbourne CBD


Tooth Wear Treatment Melbourne CBD Dentist

Tooth Wear Treatment Melbourne CBD

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General Dentistry Melbourne Services - Best Dentist in Melbourne CBD - Best Dental Clinic in Melbourne CBD


Tooth Wear Treatment Melbourne CBD Dentist

Tooth Wear Treatment Melbourne CBD


Tooth Wear Treatment Melbourne CBD
Abrasion is the mechanical loss of tooth structure caused by foreign element rubbing or scraping against the tooth rather than tooth to tooth contact.
When abrasion is caused by habit, such as pencil biting, the pattern of notching or chipping corresponds to the habit. 
If possible, please stop the habit; if this is not possible, please discuss
  • Grooves, notches, cracking, and chipping of teeth are common, as is gum tissue recession and root notching.
  • The pattern of wear will correspond to the causative factor or habit.
  • Teeth may be painless or sensitive depending on the rate of wear. Abrasion is frequently associated with excessive tooth brushing and abrasive toothpastes.


Tooth Wear Treatment Melbourne CBD




Tooth Wear Treatment Melbourne CBD
The wearing down of teeth and/or restorations as result of tooth-to-tooth contact is referred to as attrition. 
It happens when opposing teeth come into contact for extended periods of time and at higher pressures than usual. 
Clenching is the act of squeezing the teeth together. 
Bruxing is the act of grinding one’s teeth together. 
Because these acts (chewing and swallowing) are not part of normal function, they are referred to as parafunction. 
Our teeth should only meet for few minutes every 24 hours, but if we are parafunctioning, this increases significantly and causes teeth to wear.

What will do if suspect have dental attrition?


Dental attrition symptoms may include:


  • Back teeth flattening, natural cusps wear flat
  • Front teeth shortening with flat angular edges
  • Wear facets that perfectly correspond to corresponding facet in the opposing arch of teeth.
  • Yellowing of the tops of teeth as enamel wears away to reveal softer dentine beneath.
  • Increased tooth wear, particularly when combined with Erosion and Abrasion
  • Teeth and restorations chipping and cracking
  • Teeth can be painless or painful.
  • white line in the cheek or indentations on the sides of the tongue near the biting surfaces may appear. 
  • Tori are areas of extra bone that form around teeth, such as those adjacent to lower premolars.


What should do to reduce my chances of dental attrition parafunction?


Sometimes tooth wear is adaptive and will have stopped on its own. 
It is prudent to request that the dental team take clinical photographs and impressions for study models to allow for future comparison.


  • Avoid using chewing gum excessively.
  • If you notice yourself consciously clenching your teeth together, try to break the habit.
  • Determine whether, when, and why any parafunction occurs. 
  • This could be due to stress, bite differences, habits, or neurological characteristics. 
  • The dental team will be able to direct you to the proper diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Counseling, exercises, medication, splint therapy and/or protection, equilibration, restoration, or orthodontic /orthognathic surgery may be used.
  • Because all tooth wear is likely to be multifactorial, preventive measures for erosion and abrasion should also be taken.



Tooth Wear Treatment Melbourne CBD
Acid attack is the cause of dental erosion. 
Acid in the mouth can be caused by dietary, gastric, or occupational factors.
When acid comes into contact with the surface of your teeth, the enamel softens and loses some of its mineral content. 
Your saliva will gradually neutralise the acid in your mouth, restoring it to its natural balance. 
However, if the acid attack occurs frequently enough, the teeth lose their ability to repair themselves, and tiny particles of enamel can be washed or worn away. 
Minerals dissolve from the tooth surface and, like cliff face with moving tide, eventually collapses and is lost forever.


  • Fruit, pickles, fizzy drinks, energy and sports drinks, wine, squashes, and fruit juices are all examples. 
  • Many of these foods and beverages also contain natural or added sugar, which can contribute to tooth decay.
  • Tooth wear is caused by diet high in acidic foods and beverages. 
  • The amount of erosion that occurs is determined by the type of acid, calcium chelating properties, temperature, and exposure time. 
  • The lower product’s pH, the more acidic it is, but citrous fruits appear worse because they bind (chelate) more calcium from the tooth. 
  • As result, orange juice is actually worse than cola
  • Any food or drink with a pH lower than 5 may cause tooth wear and tooth sensitivity.


  • The pH of some common foods and drinks are indicated below:

    • Milk pH 6.9
    • Flavoured milk pH 6.7
    • Tap water pH 6.0
    • Cheddar cheese pH 5.9
    • Coffee pH 5.0
    • Beer pH 4.5
    • Orange juice pH 3.5
    • Apple juice pH 3.4
    • Grapefruit pH 3.3
    • Pickles pH 3.2
    • Sports energy drinks pH 3.0
    • Common soft drink pH 2.7
    • Cola pH 2.5
    • Red wine pH 2.5
    • Lemon juice pH 2.2
    • Vinegar pH 2.0


Among the other factors that contribute to erosive tooth wear are:


  • A dry mouth, which increases the risk of acid attack damage
  • Acid erosion is increased by frothing or swishing acidic drinks around the mouth.
  • Erosion and dental abrasion frequently coexist.
  • Brushing teeth too hard causes abrasion, which exacerbates erosion if the tooth surface has already been softened by acid.
  • Teeth grinding can exacerbate erosion.
  • Which gastric conditions cause erosion?
  • Vomiting (eg morning sickness, bulimia and excessive alcohol) (eg morning sickness, bulimia and excessive alcohol)
  • Reflux of acid (eg gastro oesophageal reflux disease, hiatus hernia, heartburn)
  • A variety of medications, including vitamin C, aspirin, and some iron preparations, are acidic and may contribute to acid erosion.
  • Which occupations are at risk of being eroded?
  • Acid exposure is a risk in industrial processes, but hopefully it is adequately protected nowadays.
  • Wine tasters who are professionals
  • Competitive swimmers in chlorinated pools with poor quality control (again less likely nowadays)



What should do to reduce my chances of dental erosion?


  • Eat well balanced diet and limit your  intake of acidic and sugary fo ds and beverages. 
  • Limit snacking so that acidic foods and drinks are only consumed at mealtimes.
  • Consume foods that act as buffer by quickly neutralising saliva pH. (eg. dairy products contain protein called casein which protects teeth from acid)
  • Avoid swishing acidic drinks around your mouth, as this increases your chances of tooth decay and tooth wear. 
  • When possible, use straw to reduce the amount of liquid that comes into contact with your teeth.
  • Brushing your teeth immediately after eating or drinking acidic drinks will cause tooth enamel to soften.
  • Allow at least an hour before brushing, for example, after wine in the evening and brushing before fruit juices for breakfast.
  • Use a remineralizing paste, such as GI Tooth Mouse or GI MI. Apply after meals and before going to bed. Apply with your finger and leave on your teeth without rinsing.
  • To make your enamel more resistant to erosion, use a toothpaste with a high fluoride content, such as Duraphat.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially if you’re exercising, and avoid caffeinated beverages, which cause dehydration.
  • Have any underlying medical condition treated. Use a neutralising agent, such as antacid tablets, if necessary.


Tooth Wear Treatment Options


There are various ways to prevent, stop and resolve tooth wear/tooth surface loss. The following are ways of dealing with the causes of tooth wear described above.


Leave and Monitor


The benefit is that there is no treatment and associated costs, but the disadvantage is that the tooth wear may worsen, lowering the prognosis of the eventual tooth restoration (as tooth structure is now poorer).




A splint is something that covers your teeth’s biting surface. It is made of hard acrylic and is custom-fit to your teeth. The splint works by protecting your teeth while you grind, causing you to wear down the acrylic rather than your own teeth. It is a quick and effective solution, but people who grind their teeth frequently may require replacements. Splints can also help with temporomandibular joint pain and discomfort.


Crowns, composite build up


Tooth wear causes teeth to appear flat, short, and discoloured, which is unappealing.

Worn-down teeth can be repaired with composite white filling material or crowns or veneers. Specific shades of these restorations are chosen to match the rest of your teeth and are shaped in accordance with the golden proportion. The best materials are used to achieve a natural result and a beautiful smile. Crowns can also be used to keep a heavily restored tooth from breaking apart. There are various materials with varying strengths and properties. Your dentist will advise you on the best option.


Identifying and addressing the source of stress


Stress and depression can both contribute to grinding and eating disorders. Stopping tooth surface loss becomes extremely difficult without identifying and resolving the sources of stress. Talking to a friend, family member, or medical practitioner is one possible solution, as is meditation, pursuing a hobby that makes you happy, taking time off work to travel, or visiting a beauty salon/fashion store to boost self-esteem. Because each person is unique, some solutions are better suited to one person than another. Stress is a growing issue among people today, but there are many things available to make life more enjoyable.


Use of the proper brush and technique


Many people damage their teeth simply by using the wrong type of brush and brushing technique. A hard brush will damage the tooth enamel and gums, causing tooth wear and recession. Symptoms include cold hypersensitivity and tooth discoloration, as well as cavitation at the tooth-gum interface. It is advised that you use a soft or medium toothbrush with gentle pressure (imagine a force just enough to indent a ripe tomato). Certain electric toothbrushes are also advantageous because they torque out when you brush too hard.



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General Dentistry Melbourne Services - Best Dentist in Melbourne CBD - Best Dental Clinic in Melbourne CBD



General Dentistry Melbourne Services - Best Dentist in Melbourne CBD - Best Dental Clinic in Melbourne CBD


General Dentistry Melbourne Services - Best Dentist in Melbourne CBD - Best Dental Clinic in Melbourne CBD


General Dentistry Melbourne Services - Best Dentist in Melbourne CBD - Best Dental Clinic in Melbourne CBD


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General Dentistry Melbourne Services - Best Dentist in Melbourne CBD - Best Dental Clinic in Melbourne CBD


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