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Making a great first impression is key in today’s world. When it comes to first impressions, your smile creates a world of difference.

Are you ready to change the impression you make with your smile?

Have you smiled at yourself in the mirror lately then frowned because something seems amiss – perhaps because you think your teeth could look a whole lot better than they look right now? Then perhaps you need cosmetic dentistry.

What is cosmetic dentistry exactly? Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of traditional dentistry that involves procedures to make your teeth (and of course your smile too) look much better than they presently do. Some people want their smile to look more like that of someone they admire (perhaps a showbiz celebrity they have seen on TV). The good news is that the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry more often than not permit this to become a reality nowadays.

Smile Makeover can put to rest all your smiling despair!

Smile Makeover is a simple means to change your looks. Smile is the best feature a person can have, and nothing should hold back a person from smiling broadly. Even the simplest of Smile Makeover procedure can dramatically alter your looks and change the way you look at the world and the world looks at you. Smile Makeover provide different types of services to people who want to undergo cosmetic dentistry procedures to change their appearance.

At our office, our job is to determine the right treatment for your specific problem. There are a variety of techniques and materials that can correct these situations and make a real difference in your smile.

If you are considering Smile Makeover, the best way to appreciate the end result is to look at photos of other patients we’ve helped get gorgeous smiles, especially those with problems similar to yours. Whether achieving the perfect smile you’ve always wanted means whitening your teeth, adjusting their alignment, filling in gaps, restoring damaged of missing teeth, or some combination of improvements. Our cosmetic dentistry practice in Melbourne CBD/City is committed to giving you cosmetic dentistry with outstanding results.On our Smile makeover Gallery, you will find before and after photos of our patients whose smiles have been transformed with different Cosmetic Dentistry procedures and treatment from gum contouring, to tooth/teeth whitning and bleaching to porcelain veneers amongst others. Our work speaks for itself, so please take the time to review the examples featured on our Smile Gallery page.

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A smile makeover refers to any combination of cosmetic dental procedures that enhances the beauty and appearance of the smile, correcting almost any problem:

-Crooked teeth can be straightened
-Chipped, broken teeth can be repaired
-Missing teeth can be replaced
-Gaps beten teeth can be closed
-Gummy smiles can be recontoured
-Stained, discolored teeth can be whitened
The result? A smile that is straight, white and even.

Smile makeovers are typically created with the use of porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and/or porcelain onlays. Veneers are thin shells of fired porcelain that are placed on the front surfaces of the teeth. Offering a natural look and feel, veneers allow the cosmetic dentist to dramatically change the length, width, color and shape of a tooth. Restoring teeth to their natural beauty, veneers also resist staining, creating an enduring white, bright straight smile. Porcelain crowns and onlays offer the same advantages.



Dental Veneers are ultra thin layers of Ceramic Materials that are bonded to the front surface of the teeth for your most beautiful smile transformations. They are done either as Traditional or NoPrep technique


A wide selections of procedures and treatment to get your best smile. Our Dentist combine her artistic, technical excellence and passion with superior communication skills and a level of compassion for all our Cosmetic patients


From Subtle changes to extreme Smile makeovers, this is an Cosmetic alternative options that help patient achieve their ideal smile at an affordable cost


Full mouth restoration is a set of General, Cosmetic or reconstructive dentistry procedures performed together to completely transform the smile including replacing missing teeth, repairing damaged teeth


A dental facelift is a nonsurgical aesthetic solution that brings a youthful radiance back to the smile and rejuvenates the overall appearance of the face. These treatments may include porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, gum recontouring, and other dental techniques.


Wide array of options for the replacement of missing teeth, including comfortable, natural-looking bridges and crowns to help patients improve their appearance and feel more confident in the way they look.


Laser teeth whitening can deliver whiter teeth. Laser is the most advanced whitening treatment available


Snap-On Smile is an affordable, non-invasive and completely reversible, cosmetic removable arch that can easily and painlessly give you a beautiful smile.


A beautiful smile is something many people desire, but few naturally have. The good news is that smile makeovers exist that can transform your smile without major surgery or lengthy treatments! This cosmetic dentistry solution can whiten, straighten, replace, or enhance the overall look of your teeth. Better yet, though most smile makeover treatments are cosmetic, certain procedures can improve tooth function, too, resulting in a healthier and more attractive smile. What are the most common procedures you can expect from a smile makeover?

Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is one of the most popular components of a smile makeover. With in-office and take-home options, this solution can provide dazzling results in as little as one hour. Additionally, your dentist is available to help you choose the best shade of white for your smile and monitor your whitening process for the best results.

Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain veneers are another versatile and popular procedure in a smile makeover. These thin shells of porcelain cover over the front surface of your teeth, hiding imperfections like gaps, chips, stains, or improper size. Porcelain veneers can transform the look of teeth, often in just two appointments.

Dental Crowns and Bridges
Dental crowns improve the look and function of a tooth by “capping” it with a custom-made restoration that restores the size, shape, and strength of a damaged tooth. Dental bridges can replace one or more missing teeth by attaching a row of dental crowns that span the empty tooth socket.

Dental Bonding
Dental bonding is the application of a tooth-coloured composite resin on the teeth. The composite resin is moulded and smoothed to match the surrounding teeth, improving the appearance of your smile. Composite resins are ideal for restoring decaying teeth and making cosmetic improvements. They help to conceal discolouration, fill minor gaps, correct crooked teeth and brighten your smile!

Dental bonding can be done in a single visit and is ideal for fixing minor imperfections. If you feel shy about your smile, we can provide you with this affordable cosmetic solution with dental bonding treatment.


If you answer yes to any of the following statements, you are a candidate for a smile makeover:

-I dislike the appearance of my smile.
-My teeth are crooked.
-My teeth are uneven.
-My teeth are chipped or broken.
-I have missing teeth.
-I have unsightly gaps between my teeth.
-I’m embarrassed to smile.
-My smile is keeping me from fulfilling my personal and professional life.
-My teeth are stained and discolored.
-I have grown a mustache or beard to cover my smile.


If you’re still thinking the concept is too good to be true, check out our list of in-depth evidence that shows how smiling can actually improve your health.


If you experience high blood pressure, something as easy as smiling and laughing could help bring levels down. Who knew? A 2009 review shows how a few giggles will increase your heart rate and then cause a moment of muscle relaxation, which decreases heart rate and blood pressure. This reduces the risk of developing heart disease. So get to laughing!


Even if you have to fake a smile, your body will feel relief when you do so. In 2015, a psychology study showed that smiling can lower heart rate in a moment of stress. Therefore, if you smile while doing a stressful task, your body will maintain a lower heart rate and blood pressure.


The “fake it ‘til you make it” idea really rings true here. No need to turn to expensive massages or comedy shows to improve your mood—just putting on a smile will give you an immediate boost. A study in 2010 found that smiling can increase positive thoughts and make you feel better about your situation.


The health benefits of smiling aren’t just about you—smiling can enhance relationships and therefore pass on the health benefits to those around you. In 2014, a study showed that people who smile are more likable than those who don’t smile. This helps improve relationships and increase positivity between couples.


If you’re smiling in the workplace, you’ll feel happier there too. That happiness will pay off too—studies show that happy employees are more productive, energetic, and more likely to be promoted. So if you’re looking for a raise, you just may be able to smile your way there.


Yes, the claims on this one are sound. Smiling can actually contribute to a longer life! Researchers who analyzed the smiles of Major League Baseball players from 1952 found that those who had even a partial smile in photos lived two years longer than players who didn’t smile. And those who had big smiles lived an average of seven years longer than those without smiles.


If you’re tired of popping the painkillers, give smiling a try. A 2012 study found social laughter to be powerful medicine, helping to increase pain thresholds and create a higher pain tolerance. Though the pain doesn’t technically go away, the body’s ability to feel the pain lowers. It’s like magic!


Along with the health benefit of reducing stress, smiling can send out signalling molecules to the brain that fights off illness. This means you’ll have a stronger immune system and get sick less often. So, start practicing your best smile when cold season comes around! A 2015 study even found that recent postpartum women had a stronger immune system when they participated in laughter therapy.


Whether you’re looking for love or just a friend to hang out with, try smiling to attract others. Smiling is contagious, and since it brings so many health benefits, those who see you smiling will start to smile and reap the benefits as well. Though the feelings may be subconscious, your companions will like you more when they see a smile on your face.


So now you know a variety of ways that smiling can benefit your health. But how exactly does smiling help you live longer and healthier? Assuming you’re not interested in reading the nitty gritty details of all these scientific studies, we’ll break things down for you in simpler terms.

Every time you smile, your brain receives neural messages. Neuropeptides are one of the helpful, minuscule molecules that send positive vibes to the brain. These molecules allow neurons to communicate and tell your body when the brain is feeling any emotion, from happiness to fear or excitement.

Smiling also releases neurotransmitters, including dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. These are some of the chemicals released during exercise, sex, and breastfeeding, and they are a powerful way of bringing out positive emotions and creating human bonds.


Though forced and even fake smiles can amazingly provide similar health benefits to a real smile, studies show that authentic smiles are best. So what is a “real” smile? A true smile is scientifically known as a Duchenne smile and is constituted by a smile that causes the cheeks and eyes to raise. Smiling with just the mouth can bring benefits, but Duchenne smiles are more effective in bringing all the life-elongated benefits of smiling.


If you aren’t already a habitual smiler, it’s time to start practicing. Men are especially prone to smile less than women, and adults smile less than children. So there’s plenty of room to improve on the smiling habit, no matter who you are.

And if you don’t like your smile or aren’t confident about your teeth, WE can help!


If you could change anything about your smile, what would it be? With an extreme smile makeover, you can improve the appearance of your teeth and gums in dozens of ways and finally have the smile of your dreams. An extreme smile makeover combines several cosmetic dentistry techniques and procedures aimed at improving the appearance of your smile.

Most dentists can restore your teeth and bite to function properly, but it takes real artistic skill to blend a combination of restorations – cosmetic bonding, crowns, whitening, veneers, implants and gum treatments – into a natural-looking smile that complements your facial features. Dr. Castro will consider your facial structure as part of the design process she uses to shape your beautiful new smile. She has undergone extensive training in the many cosmetic dental procedures you will need for your smile makeover.

Have a look at our smile makeover gallery page.  This will give you a better idea of the kind of results that can be achieved. In addition to correcting tooth proportions, your smile line and other aesthetic elements of your smile, we look at the following when deciding on the combination of treatments for your smile makeover:

Missing teeth – In addition to detracting from the overall appearance of your smile, missing teeth are an oral health hazard. They increase the chances of tooth decay and allow adjacent teeth to shift, which ruins the alignment of your teeth over time. Dr. Castro may suggest a dental implant, dental bridge or partial denture to properly complete and correct your bite.

Tooth color – Stains and discoloration can be distracting, even if you have perfectly aligned teeth. Dr. Castro will select the right color for your complexion and perform in-office teeth whitening. She also considers tooth color, shade and shape with smile makeover procedures such as porcelain veneers, dental crowns and cosmetic bonding.

Tooth alignment – Severely misaligned smiles may need to undergo full mouth reconstruction or orthodontic (teeth straightening) treatment prior to your smile makeover. Dr. Castro can improve slightly misaligned or overlapping teeth with cosmetic options such as porcelain veneers, clear braces or Invisalign clear aligners.

Tooth shape – Even small details such as tooth shape and size must be considered. Dr. Castro can lengthen or shorten teeth to a more attractive size using gum reduction or porcelain veneers. She can also alter tooth shape with cosmetic bonding and veneers.

Facial structure – As your teeth age, wear down or fall out, your face shape can also change and make your face look sunken and older. Dr. Castro may recommend teeth straightening or oral maxillofacial surgery to fill out your cheeks and face for a more youthful look.

An extreme smile makeover can include dental implants and restorations and everything else described above for the smile of your dreams.


Whenever patients have multiple dental concerns, we can combine two or more procedures into one comprehensive treatment. This allows us to prioritize and streamline treatment for a more conservative approach.

Both full mouth reconstruction and smile makeovers involve combining multiple procedures, and often, these two terms are used interchangeably. However, there are distinct differences between the two

Defining a Smile Makeover

In simple terms, a smile makeover focuses on cosmetics. This treatment is designed for those with healthy teeth and gums who desire a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Because every patient is unique, no two treatment plans will be the same. Each plan is customized to the specific needs of the individual. While some may want to whiten and straighten their smile, others may wish to alter the shape, size, or uniformity of their teeth.

Types of Procedures Involved in a Smile Makeover

Patients interested in a smile makeover at our practice can choose from several different procedures. Some of the most popular include:

  • Dental bonding: This treatment conceals chips, cracks, and other minor cosmetic imperfections.
  • Teeth whitening: Professional teeth whitening can brighten your smile by several shades in a single office visit.
  • Porcelain veneers: For more moderate cosmetic concerns, porcelain veneers can be considered. Veneers can change the size or shape of the teeth for a more uniform appearance.
  • Invisalign™: Many patients avoid orthodontics because they do not want to wear metal braces. Clear Aligners straightens the teeth using clear aligner trays, so other will not even notice you are undergoing treatment.

Defining Full Mouth Reconstruction

In the same way that a smile makeover addresses cosmetic concerns, full mouth reconstruction focuses on restoring oral health. This treatment is often recommended for patients with several dental issues.

Full mouth reconstruction is tailored to the needs of each patient; therefore, no two plans are the same. For those who need to replace, repair, or restore their teeth, full mouth reconstruction could be an option.

Types of Procedures Involved in Full Mouth Reconstruction

There is a wide range of procedures that can be included in full mouth reconstruction. Some of these include:

  • Dental fillings: Small cavities or minor breaks can be repaired with dental fillings. At our practice, we offer tooth-colored composite fillings for a natural-looking appearance.
  • Crowns: If a tooth has a large cavity or defect, a dental crown can reinforce it. These restorations are available in a wide range of materials, including metal, porcelain, and zirconia.
  • Bridges: Patients who are missing one to three teeth in a row can benefit from a dental bridge. This restoration is attached to the adjacent teeth to “bridge the gap” in your smile.
  • Dentures: Removable partial or full dentures are available for those missing several or all of their teeth.
  • Dental implants: These small titanium posts replace the roots of missing teeth, and can be restored with crowns, bridges, and dentures.

How Can I Know Which Option Is Right for Me?

First and foremost, the only way to determine your candidacy for either type of treatment is to attend a comprehensive evaluation with Dr. Castro. It is important to note that all restorative work should be performed before pursuing aesthetic procedures, as you must have a healthy, solid foundation before completing cosmetic dentistry treatments.


Patients who desire a brighter, more beautiful smile, but are short on time find a cosmetic smile makeover the best option to enhance their smile.  Dr Castro have the passion and expertise in creating beautiful smiles without long-term procedures or invasive treatments helps patients discover the smile of their dreams in less time.

Advantages of Cosmetic Smile Makeovers

With cosmetic dentistry, restoring a patient’s smile, the benefits increase the everyday life of those who receive treatment.

  • Preserve Natural Teeth – With any of the minimally invasive treatments offered by a cosmetic dentist, the focus is to preserve as much of the patient’s natural tooth as possible.
  • Convenient Care – Minimally invasive smile restoration options allow patients to enhance their smiles without multiple lengthy visits.
  • Dramatic Results – Patients are often pleased with the results of their minimally invasive smile makeover procedure.


The smile design process begins with your consultation and a thorough dental and OPG radiograph  evaluation. Dr Castro will explain any dental concerns she detects and discuss various treatment approaches so our patients can better understand the status of their dental health and make well-informed decisions about any future cosmetic treatment.

Once you and Dr. Castro have decided on the treatments you’d like to have, she can explain how your treatment plan will be accomplished. Depending on the amount of dental work you require, your smile makeover may take a single appointment or several appointments that are spaced apart while healing occurs or restorations are fabricated. Dr. Castro can inform you of any preparation or procedure on your teeth that will will require and explain the placement process for the restorations involved in your treatment plan.

We Listen to the patient

It seems simple, but it’s an extremely important step in the process: listen to what the patient wants and don’t assume you know what they prefer. We ask about what our patients  wanted in their cosmetic smile makeover. Any request or input is seriously considered. If it is doable, we do it. Bottomline, you are the one wearing those smiles and we make sure you are happy.

We work  until 100% satisfaction is reached

We never stop working with our patients until they are 100% satisfied. We have different ways to do this. We can offer a Trial or Mockup smiles to allow our patients run test the smile design. Other options for patient who opted not to have the trial smile, is the opportunity to have a  previews appointment for them to see what is the final restorations look like from the Ceramist, if there is something that they wanted it done or refine, we can return it back to the lab. We never complete the case without showing it to our patients  and getting their approval.


The price for a smile makeover can vary greatly from patient to patient based on the unique details of his or her custom treatment plan. At Melbourne, the average cost ranges for these treatments and high-quality restorations are as follows:

  • Porcelain Veneers – $700 to $3500 per tooth
  • Porcelain Crowns – $1000 to $3000 per crown
  • Dental Crowns & Bridges– $2000 to $5000 per tooth
  • Teeth Whitening  -$150 to $900 plus gst
  • Dental Bonding -$350 to $700 per tooth

It is important to note that the itemized pricing for your smile makeover may be higher or lower than these listed averages.

The total cost of your smile makeover will be determined by a variety of factors:

  • Any dental work needed to improve your oral health
  • The cosmetic treatments that are included in your smile makeover treatment plan
  • Any custom restorations that you require
  • The type of material your restorations will be crafted from
  • The complexity of your case
  • Anesthesia or sedation expenses

At the end of your consultation, you will be presented with a full price quotation for your smile enhancement plan. We can help you review each line item so that you understand how your total was calculated. If desired, we can also explain the various payment options we accept to help cover the cost of your care.


Understanding private health fund coverage is a complex process and often not easy. At Vogue Smiles Melbourne, our patients often want to know what part of our services can be claimed through private health cover.

Most cosmetic dental treatment fall under the “major dental” category for private health funds. This covers complex procedures like crowns, veneers, dental implants, and root canal treatments.

Each health fund pays a different rebate amount, depending on their rules for each level of cover. For an approximate rebate amount, ask your health fund what the maximum rebate amount for your “major dental” category is.


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